Project news

1.1 - Korean Release - RC5

Thanks to contributions from LinuxIT and SSLab, Beremiz GUI is now translated into Korean, and also supports Korean characters encoding for user inputs, and file paths.

Fifth Release Candidate - RC5

New lxml based internal data model representation. Many queries initially performed in pure Python have been replaced by Xpath and XSLT stylesheets, tremendously accelerating operations, specially with large programs. XSLT stylesheets writing was made easy thanks to YSLT, an incredibly powerful Y Language for XSLT.

This is latest Release Candidate before final 1.1.

Fourth Release Candidate - RC4

More fixes and optimizations.

Third Release Candidate - RC3

Fixes, cleanup and code refactoring.

Second Release Candidate - RC2

Half a year after RC1, RC2 comes with many bug fixes, but also new features.

  • CANopen support back again.
    RC2 re-introduces CanFestival extension in Windows installer, for pedagogical purpose. CAN network is by default emulated through TCP.
    Connecting to real CAN hardware requires rebuilding CanFestival for your specific hardware. Commercially available CAN interfaces require proprietary DLL that cannot be distributed without authorization.
  • Multi-graph using Matplotlib plotting library
    Make heavy use of drag'n'drop. Re-order variables, merge graph together either sharing same time axis or orthogonally in 2D or 3D. Very intuitive.
  • Logging
    PLC programmer can issue log messages that are stored in PLC memory. Once connected, messages appear in dedicated log history panel with filtering.

First Release Candidate - RC1

  • Better IEC-61131 to C compiler
    Mario de Sousa and Manuele Conti did amazing work on data type checking, flow control analysis, constant folding, array range checking and lvalue checks.
  • Simplified types and instances trees
    Visible part of the refactoring of Beremiz extension mechanism. "Plugins" became "Configuration nodes". Extensions now provide either blocks, located IO, build system or connectors.

  • Search for text pattern
    Across project and inside current POU:
    Across library:
  • Automatic naming of instances
    Avoids loosing time filling useless names when creating large POUS.
  • Beremiz workspace is now persistent
    Interface layout is restored, last opened project is re-opened, opened tabs and traced variable are saved per-project, and restored upon project opening. A menu item let user reset workspace if necessary.
  • Contextual menu element insertion shortcuts
  • Graph zoom, pan and cursor
  • Graph CSV export to clipboard
  • Two new tool-bars exhibiting general shortcuts
  • Easier blocks wiring, persistent when block changes
  • ... and much more !

About beremiz

Free software for Automation

Beremiz is an integrated development environment for machine automation. It is Free Software, conforming to IEC-61131 among other standards.

It relies on open standards to be independent of the targeted device, and let you turn any processor into a PLC. Beremiz includes tools to create HMI, and to connect your PLC programs to existing supervisions, databases, or fieldbuses.

With Beremiz, you conform to standards, avoid vendor lock, and contribute to the better future of Automation.

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Despite of open standards such as IEC 61131, PLCOpen and CanOpen, control engineers cannot deploy results of their engineering effort in an heterogeneous environment. It is usually required to rewrite your PLC program for each particular PLC brand.

The reason for this is that proprietary solutions providers do not fully conform to standards, thus preventing interoperability, harmful to their business model.

Furthermore, standards specification are necessarily non exhaustive and leave some "manufacturer specific" freedom to the implementer. Solution providers make great benefits out of those manufacturer specific details, at the expense of the freedom of the end user.

The Beremiz Project fills the gap between those independent standards specifications, by providing an integrated reference implementation of them.

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