Smarteh's MC8

Smarteh sells an affordable Beremiz based PLC named MC8.

MC8 comes with a ready to use Windows installer including Beremiz, Yagarto toolchain, and appropriate USB drivers to connect your PC to the device. A companion tool named LPC-Composer helps in assembling I/O modules from the catalog intuitively, and update available located variables in PLC program instantaneously.

MC8 implements an efficient bare metal C runtime, including TCP Modbus server, CANopen (with CanFestival ) as well as simple HTTP server.

Armadeus boards

Armadeus systems develops and produces low-cost CPU boards with embedded Linux combining small size with low energy consumption and extended connectivity.

Armadeus boards come with full Linux development environment using Buildroot. Xenomai has been tested on some armadeus-board with success. Beremiz is proposed as packages and can be integrated on boards.

If hard real time with very low latency are required, the on-board FPGA can be used.

Armadeus Project is also an active community with mailling-list, irc channel ( irc:// and wiki to help development.


Open Software Platform for Automation

Under a government-funded project, SSLab and RTES lab are cooperating with mechanical industry to enable an open software platform for automation:

  • "Synchronous control drive for the multi axial drive and the high power servo-motor" project funded by MKE, Korea
  • PC-based automation system using EtherCAT, an industrial real-time Ethernet standard.
  • Open source software incl. Linux/Xenomai, Beremiz, and Etherlab EtherCAT master.
  • Comformance with international standard: IEC 61131-3, CiA302, CiA402, and IEC 61158.
  • HTML5-based vector-graphics human interface.
  • Wireless HMI
  • Incorporation of computer vision (OpenCV) in automation.

Video shows the demonstration of SmartCart, an electric cart that has been developed using Beremiz for performance evaluation. It is equipped with two Maxon drives controlled via CANopen interface. Users are able to steer the cart using gyro in his Android phone.

Free Software for Six Degrees Of Freedom motion

Summer 2009

This video present a free software based machine made in collaboration with FESTO for LAAS.
LAAS is a French Scientific Research Lab involved in many scientific areas, mostly related computer and robotics.
For some computer vision experiments, this lab needed a positioning machine able to work within one cubic meter space with 6 degrees of freedom, and with 20ms time accuracy.
Motion control software had to be fully open so that researchers could have full control over positioning.
Realization involved six CANopen servo drives, and one industrial PC acting as a CANopen CNC, running real-time Linux, CanFestival and Beremiz.
As an input device for manual control mode, we used a wiimote.


The Open Source Coffee Machine

The Open Source Coffee Machine is a recycled coffee machine, controlled by a PC running Beremiz, and using some MicroMod CANopen I/O nodes from Peak-System. This machine have been prepared in collaboration with Peak-System for SCS-Paris-08 exhibition. It served Free coffees during 4 days on Peak-System's booth and have been donated to IUT of Saint-DiƩ-des-Vosges so that students can have fun practising automation.


Your Beremiz success story

Please send screen-shots, photos, videos and description of your Beremiz application !